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About us - English

The Municipal Library of Frydek-Mistek is a non-profit institution containing several library buildings. Founder of this public municipal library is the town of Frydek-Mistek. The head-office library with library administration is situated in Jiraskova Street and has 2 library branches. One is located in Hlavni Street and the other is situated in a school building in Podebradova Street. The whole building of the branch library in Hlavni Street is available for handicapped and fully adapted for use of wheelchairs. The number of library personnel is 30 including an accounting department and helpers.

The library buildings are divided into departments according to services they provide. There is a department of children and youths, a department for adult readers, consisting of a fiction and an instructional literature part, a department of music and a study room with internet connected computers. This last one is much-frequented place for students and it is very useful for studying. They can use our services provided in study room, library books and information resources. There is a reading room in each department where our customers can spend calm and pleasant time. They can have a good rest while reading books, newspapers or magazines.

Where you can find us

The town of Frydek-Mistek with its 65 000 inhabitants is a natural, administration, trade, industrial and cultural centre of Frydek-Mistek County which is situated in the north - eastern part of the Czech Republic. The town lies at the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains on the Ostravice River.

If you would like to know more about this town, you can visit following websites: www.frydecko-mistecko.cz or www.frydekmistek.cz

What do we offer:

  • lending services
  • 142 927 volumes in our accessible fund
  • subscription of 195 titles of periodicals
  • 920 CD´s, 30 DVD's in the department of music
  • multimedia, CD-ROMs, encyclopedias, dictionaries,...
  • internet access in study rooms
  • available computers for your own work with a scanner, printers and a copy machine
  • providing with general information for a wide public
  • on-line electronical catalogue of our library fund are available in our website
  • electronical law collections - ASPI
  • bibliographical-information service
  • inter-librarian lending service
  • regional information
  • special lectures for pupils and students from schools of the town of Frydek-Mistek and its surrounding
  • special training lessons in study rooms about using internet and computers for beginners
  • 30 min of internet twice a week free for unemployed
  • 1 hour of internet per a day free for seniors

If you are more interested in library services we will be pleased if you contact us by using e-mail.

Addresses and contacts:

Director: PhDr. Tomas Benedikt Zbranek

Head-office of Municipal Library
Jiraskova street 506
738 01 Frydek-Mistek
Czech republic

phone: + 420 558 113 412
e-mail: info@mkfrydek.cz

Branch office of Municipal Library
Hlavni street 111
738 02 Frydek-Mistek
Czech republic

phone: + 420 558 113 490
phone: + 420 558 113 496
e-mail: info@mkmistek.cz

Branch office of Municipal Library
J. z Podebrad street
738 01 Frydek-Mistek
Czech republic

phone: + 420 558 425 510

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Městská knihovna Frýdek-Místek, příspěvková organizace,
Jiráskova 506, 738 01 Frýdek-Místek,IČO: 47999721,
tel: + 420 558 113 412, +420 558 113 496
email:info@mkfrydek.cz, info@mkmistek.cz
Zřizovatelem Knihovny FM je statutární město Frýdek-Místek.
Evidenční číslo MK ČR: 2117

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